What Winter?

We went into this winter holding our breath because of the talk about El Nino and how bad the season was expected to be. It should come as no surprise that a bad winter can be bad for business if your job relies on you being able to work outdoors part of the time. I am thankful to say I think we dodged a bullet this year, of course that is not to say we still may not get a snow in before spring. Who remembers the Blizzard of 93′ in March? But even with a possible snow we are still inching within a month of spring. So once again, we find ourselves checking our equipment and planning for spring inventory orders. The Mosquito Reduction program runs from April-October which I anticipate will be more popular this year with more mosquito born diseases being covered on the news. New calls will come in as termites swarm and the ants come back out of their underground hide-aways. Spring and fall is our busiest time for sure and we are ready for the challenge. As always, I am grateful for your business and your support of Sentry Pest Control. Thank you.