The Changing of the Season

I think I have accepted this year that no one knows what is going on with the weather, I am originally from California but I have been in Georgia for 9 years now and one phrase I keep hearing is that nothing stays the same long, especially Georgia weather. This is my home now, it is a place I have grown to love very quickly and I have no intention of ever leaving, but enough about me, we are here to discuss bugs right?

It is with a little hesitation that I say fall is knocking at the door, technically we still have several weeks of summer left but the cool temperatures are telling me instinctively otherwise. Also, the increase in calls over the past week has also been indicative of nature’s pattern during the fall months. As the days get cooler and start to shorten, insects take notice. This is nature’s way of saying “seek shelter”.

It should be of no embarrassment to homeowners as often is the case if your home becomes infested with insects during this time. If anything they are saying “nice place, mind if we come in?” Your home is a sanctuary from the soon impending cold weather to come and some insects seek homes to hibernate in and some just to survive the cold. Even at my own home I have noticed a few earwigs making their way inside. This is a great time to re-evaluate your homes seals, window and door sealing as well as caulking or foaming any cracks around your foundation. Pay special attention to any holes around your plumbing, especially if you live on a crawl space or basement as these areas are perfect entry ways for not only insects but also rodents. Steel wool can be a great deterrent for rodents and can be used to plug holes around the bases of cabinets or any other place where it may be needed. This is something you can be pro-active with now and do yourself or if your more comfortable we would be glad to assist and help point out any entry ways that could use securing.