Rain, Rain Go Away

There has been a lot of talk about the weather lately and if you are not a fan of an abundance of rain you probably aren’t too crazy about it. Being as I earn my living by rescuing people from bugs, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I am a little different than most. I remember last summer all too well, it became hot in May and lasted until October, that put “summer” on the calendar for 6 months of the year including several heat waves of 100 degrees plus.

This year however June and July have stayed in the 80’s minus a day or two in the low 90’s and we have had a lot of rain, so much rain that our lakes are full again after a severe drought; and I must say my yard and garden have never looked better.

The other thing rain brings about? Bugs! Bugs love warm, rainy weather and we have been unusually busy this week because of it. During the summer extreme heat can kill off some outdoor bugs while sending others into homes seeking cooler temperatures, but living conditions for most bugs right now are a virtual paradise. If the rest of summer continues to be temperate and wet then I imagine the only relief we will get from all of the bugs will be during winter when it freezes, and of course your pest control technician is always at your service too, in case mother nature doesn’t cooperate.