Termites Jefferson Georgia

Termites Jefferson

Why Should I Treat My House for Termites?

I am often asked, why should I treat my home for termites, if I don’t have termites? Termite damage is often an afterthought, until it happens. What if you wait until you see termites? Unfortunately, if you see termites, that means they could have been there for years. The first termite activity most people notice is the primary reproductives or “swarmers”. If you see swarmers, that colony is at least 3 years old. Most colonies are closer to 5 years old, before they create swarmers.

Termites in Georgia

Georgia is one of the hardest hit areas for termites. In Northeast Georgia, we deal mainly with Eastern Subterranean Termites, Reticulitermes Flavipes. There is an average of 15 colonies, per acre of land, in Georgia. Termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damage across the country each year. This makes it very likely you will eventually deal with termites or the damage they cause. If you wait until you see termites there can be thousands of dollars’ worth of damage done to your home or, business. So, why wait? By proactively treating, you can stop the damage before it happens. Termite damage is not covered by most property insurances. The State of Georgia requires all licensed companies to carry insurance that covers this damage. We must warranty our work, to protect you and your structure.

How Do I Choose the Right Termite Company?

How do you choose the right company to protect your property? There are several key things to look for, one is, a company licensed for termites. To perform and warranty wood destroying organism work, in Georgia, you must be licensed by the Department of Agriculture. You can find licensed operators using the following link. Kelly Solutions

What Does It Mean to Be Properly Licensed?

Being properly licensed means, you have been in the industry for an allotted amount of time and have passed the proper testing requirements. To keep your certifications or registrations active, you must complete a preset number of ongoing education credits. Is your pest control company properly insured? The State of Georgia requires certain insurances. This protects you from faulty work and future damages. You can verify insurance coverage through the Department of Agriculture. The easiest and safest way to get insurance information is by asking for a certificate of insurance (C.O.I.). What products are they using? There are many different products available. Not all products are created equally. We prefer Termidor H.E. Termidor is the #1 product for termite treatments in the U.S. You can look for applicators certified through BASF here: Termidor Home

Why Choose Sentry Pest Control?

Termite damage can be costly, being proactive saves you money. Make sure to choose the right company for you. Are they properly licensed and, insured? Do they have experience? Will they be there next year to make sure you are covered?

Sentry Pest Control cares about helping you protect your investment. Each one of our staff members are either Certified or Registered for pests and termites through the State of Georgia. We are more than happy to answer your questions and concerns and our inspections are always free.