Gearing Up for 2015

It may only feel like a high of 16 factoring in the wind chill today but we are optimistic knowing that spring is right around the corner. It should could come as no surprise that the winter months can slow down business in the pest control industry. Pests such as termites in particular go below ground until they feel it is warm enough to re emerge in the spring. There are a few exceptions though, rodents and a few other pests will usually seek warmth during the cold and because not all of these can thrive underground our homes suddenly become more appealing to them.

Overall though, we have come to think of these few cold months as preparation time and that is a good thing. This gives us time to update, replace or improve any equipment before it will go back into full use during the spring. We brainstorm on ways to improve customer service, add new services or products and ways to make the company run more efficiently. We are always welcome to ideas and suggestions if you have any, after all, you are the reason we exist!