Exciting Things Have Happened This Month!

We are pretty excited this month because we are able to offer you an additional service, Mosquito Treatments! Imagine an evening lounging by the pool or out on your patio without being eaten alive! It is possible with our help. When you have a mosquito treatment done a licensed technician will be spraying your lawn and shrubbery, not only does this significantly decrease the mosquito population it also puts a huge dent into other harmful insects such as ants, ticks, and fleas, many of which carry harmful diseases. Sounds great, right!

If you are a current customer the news just gets better as this is a service that you can add on for a discounted price because we will already be at your location, which keeps cost down. If you are not a current customer a mosquito treatment can be done as a seasonal service which is applied monthly April-October.

If you have additional questions we would be happy to answer them for you.