Residential & Commercial Pest & Termite Control

Caring for your property is an investment whether it is your home or business. Sentry Pest Control understands this and is proud to partner with you in guarding your property against pests.

Home Inspections

Our technicians are dedicated to providing a prompt response and detailed report to help meet your needs. We included in our Home Inspections a Wood Destroying Organism Report at no additional cost.

Our Technicians are AHIT Certified and ASHI Members

AHIT Certified Technicians
ASHI Members

DIY Store

For individuals who are comfortable and enjoy treating and maintaining their own structure, we offer a DIY store open to the public. We carry a full line of professional products for your home and garden, including green and organic products. If you need advice, one of our technicians will gladly assist you in choosing the right products for your home or business.

Store Hours

8:30 – 4:30 p.m.


Store Address

1870 Washington St
Suite 4
Jefferson, GA 30549

Store Telephone

(706) 367-1017

DIY Pest Store Jefferson GA


Pests are classified as insects, birds, or rodents that pose a real threat to humans, structures, or gardens. Below are some of the most common pests.

Pests 1 Pests 2 Pests 3 Pests 4 Pests 5 Pests 6 Pests 7 Pests 8 Pests 9 Pests 10 Pests 11 Pests 12 Pests 13 Mosquitoes Winder Georgia Pests 15 Pests 16 Pests 17 Pests 18 Pests 19 Pests 20 Pests 21 Pests 22 Pests 23 Pests 24
Subterranean Termites and Swarmer

Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects are classified as those that aid in pollination or pest control. However, some of these insects still posses the ability to bite or sting.

Beneficial Insects 1 Beneficial Insects 2 Beneficial Insects 3 Beneficial Insects 4 Beneficial Insects 5 Beneficial Insects 6 Beneficial Insects 7 Beneficial Insects 8 Beneficial Insects 9 Beneficial Insects 10 Beneficial Insects 11 Beneficial Insects 12 Beneficial Insects 13 Beneficial Insects 14
Orb Weaver (Garden Spider)

100 Percent Guaranteed

The Sentry Guarantee

As a Sentry Client, we want you to be confident in your decision of choosing us as your pest control company. We pride ourselves on excellent client services, maintaining a professional image, and offering the best products and services available.

To honor this, Sentry offers a guarantee on all pest control services. If you are dissatisfied with the service you received, Sentry will retreat your home or business at no additional charge if it is before your next scheduled service.

At Sentry we care about our clients and we genuinely enjoy being able to offer a service that makes their home or business more comfortable.